We make things look pretty.

Brevity created a stunning engaging and responsive site for me. It’s nice when someone can take your vision and translate it to reality. This is a great service, and I will certainly use Brevity in the future as I continue to grow the business.

Sammia Pratt

Online Advertising — There are tons of online media outlets out there, from local blogs to national news sites. We design effective, engaging HTML5 interactive ads that capture the attention and illicit responses from potential customers. We don’t use Flash, which means we can create animations and motion graphics that work on all platforms, including iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.
Print Materials — When you get something real into the hands of a customer, it continues to sell your products and services long after the conversation is over. Even in this digital world, it’s still a super-effective means of staying top-of-mind with your customers. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in our design skills. We’re experts in designing effective promotional print pieces, including brochures, booklets, folders, sales materials, catalogs, annual reports, internal and external communications pieces, and more.
Print Advertising — There’s still a time and a place for things like newspaper and magazine advertising, flyers, and posters. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot. It’s all about the customers you can reach, and the ROI for the medium.  Our strategy-based media plans take all that into account, so if print is a good place for you to be, we’ll make sure you’re there, with amazingly effective materials to boot.
Direct Mail — Like digital marketing, it’s all about the list and the message. To get the biggest return on investment, your direct mail needs to hit the right people with the right message. We’ll tailor a mailing list to fit your most lucrative sales demographics, taking into account things like household income, home-ownership status, age, marital status, and more. And then we’ll get a piece in their mailbox that will have maxed out sales potential. We can even personalize each piece with custom graphics and messaging just for that individual!
Tradeshow Displays and Large Format — Sometimes bigger really is better. In a crowded venue like a tradeshow, nothing makes you stand out like good design and impressive size. From simple popup walls to interactive walk-through displays, we can design and build you exactly what you need to capture attention, increase leads, and generate sales.
Trash and Trinkets — That’s what we call giveaways and other branded products you give out to existing and potential customers. We can put your brand on just about anything, from the staples like pens, water bottles and hats to the obscure like boob-shaped stress relievers and truck nuts.